Holyrood Park inc. Arthur's Seat Souvenir Guide (Mar)

Holyrood Park inc. Arthur's Seat Souvenir Guide

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Few capital cities contain a landmark as rugged and expansive as Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat. Not only does this space provide superb recreational opportunities; it also contains important habitats for a vast diversity of Scottish wildlife, and a wealth of evidence for human activity stretching back into prehistory. Long before the first humans set foot here, this element of Scotland’s landscape was shaped by violent volcanic activity, and it yielded crucial clues for pioneers in the study of geology. It has provided a rich agricultural resource, a venue for royal pastimes, a religious retreat, a sanctuary for debtors, an encampment for Jacobite troops, a military parade ground, a setting for books and films and a varied environment for a wide range of leisure pursuits. This book will help you explore the Park, identify its remarkable features and discover its many stories.
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