How to Survive Anything, Anywhere (Mar)

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Surviving in the world's most hostile natural environments depends mainly on knowledge. Personal grit and courage count for a lot, but if a person does not know how to find food and water, make shelter, light fires, and apply basic first-aid, amongst many other skills, his or her chances of survival can be slim. How to Survive Anything Anywhere is the complete single-volume handbook of professional survival skills. It teaches survival fundamentals for every scenario and every environment, from the sub-zero landscape of the Arctic to the scorching suns of the tropics. In clear and practical terms, the book explains how to preserve life without any external aid, and reach safety. Topics covered include: how to make hunting weapons, identifying edible plants, survival psychology, celestial navigation, surviving at sea, constructing shelters, hunting and trapping techniques, making and sustaining fire, improvised cooking vessels, and finding underground water.
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